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Meet our professionals

Esperanza Llima Quintero
"We strive to seek what we should be when what's really effective is to enhance what we already are."
Esperanza Llima Quintero
Partner | Audit | Bankruptcy Administration
Esther Navarro
"Curiosity moves the world, and we are naturally curious."
Esther Navarro Llima
Partner | Audit | Bankruptcy Administration
Elvira Iranzo
"Where others see only problems, we see opportunities."
Elvira Iranzo Gracia
Economist | Tax
Pilar Abad
"Good management of your accounting will allow you to grow in your business."
Pilar Abad Martínez
Accountant | Audit
Eduardo Mozota
"Talent at the service of companies stands as the main competitive force and differentiating value."
Eduardo Mozota Prieto
Labor | HR
Laura Royo
"None of us is as good as all of us together, shall we team up?"
Laura Royo Sebastián
Administration | Accounting
Oscar Lloras Perez - Navarro y Llima
"Start doing what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you will be doing the impossible."
Óscar Loras Perez
Audit | Accounting
Edilberto García Gavilán - Navarro y Llima
"Your doubts today will be your knowledge of tomorrow."
Edilberto García Gavilán
Audit | Accounting
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